Color Laser Printer Guide – 5 Simple Steps to Consider When Purchasing Your Color Laser Printer

This color laser printer guide article will hopefully provide you with useful information. Purchasing a color laser printer for the workplace or home use can be a little confusing and sometimes frustrating. With so many technical specifications it can become mind boggling as to which printer to go for.

The following tips should help you make it easier to choose the right laser printer for you.

  1. How much space do you have to store the laser printer? Measure out the area and also consider that extra space will be needed for printer cables, accessories and paper storage. The last thing you want is a printer in the office that keeps getting elbowed by colleagues due to space.
  2. How easy is the printer display to use? You don’t want a display that will require an instruction manual to work it out. A simple LED display with back light for dark rooms that can indicate when paper or ink is running out will suffice.
  3. Consider the speed of printing color and grayscale pages. For example, when something say’s up to 40ppm it may actually print 25ppm. You are not going to measure speed of printing unless you are a laboratory.
  4. How do you want your printer to connect? All color laser printers come with a USB connection. Ethernet and 802.11 Wi-Fi connections should be on all office color laser printers allowing your workplace to share one printer.
  5. Try looking for an energy star compliant printer. Not only does it mean you are green, you will also save on energy use.

Color laser printers can range from $300 – $13,000. Do your research and consider what functionality you really require your new printer to be.

Best Color Laser Printer: A Review of the HP CP3525DN Color LaserJet Printer

If you’re looking for the best color laser printer in the market, you would find that a lot of models claim to earn this title. But there are some models which are really worth the award. Take the HP CP3525DN Color LaserJet Printer for instance. It’s an excellent printer that provides all your color laser printing needs, and black as well. This in-depth review of the model will cover everything you need to know about it.


This is a very big and bulky device that’s really a recognizable laser printer. It has a white body with accents of dark blue, and it’s very plain and simple. It has minimal buttons and a small 4-line color LCD display that only shows vital information during the printing process and makes navigation and operation a breeze.

It has the dimensions of 20.2” x 19.3” x 14.1” and a weight of 72.5 pounds, very big and heavy for a single-operation device. This means you have to make good room for it if you buy it, and it’s best settled on an area near the computer, like a desk or tabletop, because it only operates through wired connectivity. The device is connected to the computer by a USB cable for fast operation, and it’s wired network-enabled so you can easily share it with other computers for optimal functionality. This is definitely one device which you can classify as the best color laser printer in the market.

Printing and Other Functions

This is a very speedy laser printer. It can produce both black and colored output in as fast as 30 pages per minute or approximately 2 seconds per page. The maximum resolution that the printer can produce for both black and colored printouts is 1200×600 dpi. The printer also features automatic duplex printing which allows you to save paper by printing on both sides, as well as print back to back brochures, pamphlets, and flyers in full color without hassle.

The printer has a very big memory capacity of 384 MB. With that high memory, you can definitely print as many documents as you want, and you can also print a very long and complex document in a single printing process. The maximum duty cycle of the printer is 75,000 pages so you can print up to 2419 pages of documents every day and have no worries about the performance of the printer. There are two input trays for this printer: the multipurpose tray that can hold a maximum of 100 sheets; and the second input tray which can hold a maximum of 250 sheets.

Other Features

This model features the ImageREt 3600 color technology that enables you to print remarkable color-rich, vivid, vibrant, and full-detail colored prints that will definitely astound you and your consumers, if you print for your business. This is also an Energy Star qualified device so you don’t only benefit from using this product, you also help preserve Mother Nature.


If you’re looking for the best color laser printer, then there’s no doubt that the HP CP3525DN Color LaserJet Printer can match your expectations and preferences. I highly recommend that you get this model if you want an excellent color laser printing device that provides high quality printing, excellent features, and brilliant performance.

HP Color Laser Printer Reviews – Based on Price Per Page

The price per page is most likely one of the key elements of a printer’s quality. In the color laser printer segment, HP appears to have a monopoly of kinds in terms of low price per page printers. Here is a summary of the greatest low price laser color printers from HP.

HP 3600 Printer

The HP Color Laser printer comes with print speed of 17 pages per minute. However, exactly what makes these color laser printers get noticed is in their price per page. When compared with the majority of traditional one-pass printers in the laser printer segment, this printer is definitely the cheapest on price per page. To print in black, you  will spend only a cent per page. While to print in color, you will spend around 9 cents per page. In the market you will find this printer cost between 465 to 562 USD.

HP CM1312nfi MFP Printer

The CM1312nfi MFP printer comes with price tag on $499. It is very suitable for small business scales because the price is very affordable. This printer is equipped with an 10/100 Ethernet and USB connection which make it possible for workgroups. To print in black, you will spend 3.2 cents per page. While to print in color, you will spend around 16.9 cents.

HP CP2025dn Printer

The CP2025dn comes with print speed of 17 pages per minute. It is also equipped with duplexer feature that allows you printing on both sides, and 10/100 Ethernet and USB connection which allows you making it for workgroups. To print in black, you will spend 2.5 cent per page. While to print in color, you will spend 4.3 cents per page. cents. These prices are very competitive and reasonable. In the market, you will find this printer is tagged around $499.

HP 1500L Printer

The 1500L printer costs between $149 to $199. It has ability to print 5,000 pages for black and 4,000 pages for color. The black ink cartridge of this printer costs $83 while the color ink cartridges of this printer cost $100. So to print in black, you will spend about 1.6 cents per page. While to print in color, you will spend about 2.5 cents per page.

HP 2600n Printer

The 2600n printer costs between 295 to 529 USD. When compared with other HP color laser printers, this printer possesses the most expensive price per page at 5 cents for black print and 22 cents for color print. It is because the price of its ink cartridges is really expensive and therefore substitution of the printer is more making sense than changing ink cartridges when they are used up. The existence of technology known as Instant-On Fusing and also a network interface help to make this printer a good choice for small enterprises.