Color Laser Printer Guide – 5 Simple Steps to Consider When Purchasing Your Color Laser Printer

This color laser printer guide article will hopefully provide you with useful information. Purchasing a color laser printer for the workplace or home use can be a little confusing and sometimes frustrating. With so many technical specifications it can become mind boggling as to which printer to go for.

The following tips should help you make it easier to choose the right laser printer for you.

  1. How much space do you have to store the laser printer? Measure out the area and also consider that extra space will be needed for printer cables, accessories and paper storage. The last thing you want is a printer in the office that keeps getting elbowed by colleagues due to space.
  2. How easy is the printer display to use? You don’t want a display that will require an instruction manual to work it out. A simple LED display with back light for dark rooms that can indicate when paper or ink is running out will suffice.
  3. Consider the speed of printing color and grayscale pages. For example, when something say’s up to 40ppm it may actually print 25ppm. You are not going to measure speed of printing unless you are a laboratory.
  4. How do you want your printer to connect? All color laser printers come with a USB connection. Ethernet and 802.11 Wi-Fi connections should be on all office color laser printers allowing your workplace to share one printer.
  5. Try looking for an energy star compliant printer. Not only does it mean you are green, you will also save on energy use.

Color laser printers can range from $300 – $13,000. Do your research and consider what functionality you really require your new printer to be.